Customer Reviews


We are proud to share some

 of the wonderful

things our customers 

have said about us and our service.

“I found myself needing our property 

re-surveyed and updated with 

what is called a “Normal Water Elevation” to get

a permit issued for a storage shed in my back yard. 

(We live on a very small lake, but size 

does not matter, at least when it comes to lakes…

a lake is a lake, not a retention pond.)

 I called around, got recommendations

 from various sources, but settled (thank goodness)


 Both Kurt and his bride, Cheryl, 

were promptly responsive

 to all my inquiries as I tried to filter the information

 and estimates I was getting from the various surveying

 companies. Let me end by saying, 


Very, very REASONABLE! 

I feel so lucky to have found this company. 

It is my pleasure to write

 a positive review for these folks. 

I give them A+++”

John I.






“He was courteous, quick, and easy to work with. 

We would use him again.”

Donald G.






“I give Deal Land Surveying my 

highest recommendation for land survey work. 

They were very timely in production

 of a reasonable and competitive bid, 

getting out to the site, 

and production of a certified survey for my closing. 

The work was done with a high level 

of diligence and expediency.”

Peter B.






“Came out to our residence. 

Very nice and did an excellent job.”

Larry F.






“I was excited to receive a recommendation

 from a neighbor for Deal Land Surveying.

 I had been having trouble with another surveyor

 over an 8-week period.

 I called and Kurt was at my house the next day. 

He explained what was going on with my property

 lines and the markers, 

which explained a lot about the other company. 

If there was any glitch, 

Kurt and Cheryl will figure it out and take care of it. 

I had the survey within 3 days. 

Now I can put in a new fence which I need so badly. 

Thank you, Kurt and Cheryl, 

for your professionalism and prompt service!”

Barbara D.






“Same day service, and willing to assist 

the customer, they went above and beyond.”

Kristen S.






“I work in the real estate industry 

I have a high expectation for the service provided

when I am buying a home. 

Kurt Deal at Deal Land Surveying provided

a prompt and professional survey

of my site located in the Audobon Park

 community in Orlando. 

The service is great. 

A neighbor was having a difficult time

with another surveying company and requested

the name of a good survey company. 

I mentioned Kurt Deal and she hired him

 to do her survey. 

Kurt came out to her property,

 took the time to explain the attributes of her site

 and left her feeling confident that she 

would receive a quality survey which was 

available within a few days. 

This is the survey company

to utilize in central Florida.”

William S.






“Very professional. They went the extra mile.”

Donna F.






“I needed a survey and elevation certificate,

and found Deal Land Surveying on Google.

I was able to order online

and they came out two days later.

Not only were they fast and professional, 

but they went above and beyond

to help me with an insurance dispute.

I will definitely use them again!”

Michelle H.






“Great job, fast service, good price. Will use again.”

Dennis A.






“We needed a re-survey of our lot. 

I contacted Deal Land Surveying 

and within five days, I had my corners platted 

and flags put in critical areas

of the long boundary lines. 

The emailed copy of the survey

was received that afternoon. 

The price was right, 

the service quick and the survey team was 

knowledgeable and professional. 

Definitely a five-star company.”

Albert H.






“I needed a survey for a fence. 

He was punctual and very professional.”

Nandanie S.